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134                           LETTERS   FROM   THE

I  sat this  morning listening to  Madame   de              j

Talartu    She is just as you left her, dressed in a              ;

heap as usual, and politiquant at a great rate.    She              ,f

lives in a very decent house, Rue de Bacq.                         [

You   have   no  idea of the   dearness of this              |

place.    I assure you I am obliged to calculate with              |

my two pounds a day. They ask a louis d'or for
a coach and coachman per day, and dinners are
extremely dear.

I am assured d'Alvimar was not put to death
for any letter of mine.

Poor Kellet, the monk, has been reduced to
want a morsel of bread during the scarcity, and
drank only water.

Sir Sidney Smith is assisted in the conveyance
of his letters, &c., by two youngish women, who
say it has been the business of their lives to assist
prisoners. They take no money.

November zgth, 1796.

I fear the affair of Sir S. Smith will not
succeed. Since Lord Malmesbury gave in a note
declaring it to be the intention of our Government
to retaliate, the business has taken a mauvaise